Use evidence to achieve impact

Our impact audits help nonprofits better measure success
and guide donors toward effective organizations.


Charities with proven evidence of impact


Education in the
United States

Success for All Foundation's mission is to develop and disseminate research-proven programs to ensure that students, from all backgrounds, achieve at the highest academic levels.

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Livelihoods in the
arid lands of Africa

The BOMA Project's mission is to move women in drought-prone pastoral communities in arid regions in Africa out of ultra-poverty and to increase their resilience to droughts.

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Livelihoods in
developing countries

Trickle Up's mission is to empower the world’s poorest and most vulnerable people to achieve financial independence and social connection.

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in rural Nepal

Possible's mission is to build a high-quality, low-cost healthcare system that integrates government hospitals, clinics, and community health workers.

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Dear Reader: We have released our v0.1 beta impact audits. This reflects our first attempt to create a tool for nonprofits and donors alike that enables smart decisions about how to spend their dollars to improve the world.

Our team has many things we want to improve for our v0.2 beta release and beyond. We are honored and privileged to have worked through this process with four excellent nonprofits, and we have no qualms about recommending these organizations today.

We know our process is not perfect, and we are very keen on feedback, from all perspectives, on how we can improve in the next iteration of our work. Please send us feedback here.

We look forward to launching a formal stakeholders process in 2016.

Until then,
The ImpactMatters Team
December 11, 2015

What is ImpactMatters?

We are a new nonprofit with a simple mission: 
To change how other nonprofits and their funders use and produce evidence to achieve their missions.

We conduct “impact audits,” short-term engagements with two objectives: to guide nonprofits in strengthening their use and production of appropriate evidence of impact and to certify to donors that an organization is appropriately evidence-based.

*Note: We believe these four nonprofits to be evidence-based organizations that you can rely on to deliver impact with your contribution. If they advance a cause you care about, we encourage you to donate to them. However, this process is not intended to generate a ranking of nonprofits, and we are not stating these are the only organizations deserving of funding. This certification means these organizations have met the standard that will be described here. We will continue to conduct impact audits of other nonprofits, and certify those who meet the same standard for appropriately evidence-based practice.

Note: ImpactMatters is a 501(c)3-pending nonprofit, but we do not conduct public fundraising on our own behalf.
If you like our work, we encourage you to support it by supporting one of the organizations above.