Impact Audit of Development Media International

ImpactMatters conducted an impact audit of Development Media International (D.M.I.), a nonprofit that saves the lives of children and newborns by designing and running media campaigns that provide information on how to improve child health.

The audit, published in November 2017, found that D.M.I.’s nationwide child survival campaign in Burkina Faso saved the lives of children at an average cost of $1,700 per life saved, an impressive cost/benefit ratio. We calculate the impact of the child survival program using high quality evidence from two sources: a randomized controlled trial of an earlier media campaign in Burkina Faso and the Lives Saved Tool, a statistical model that uses peer-reviewed research to estimate the effect of health interventions on child mortality. In calculating the cost/benefit ratio, we include the costs of treatment paid by patients. Considering only D.M.I.’s direct costs, the cost/benefit ratio falls to $400 per child life saved.

In addition to impact and cost, the audit assessed the quality of D.M.I.’s systems for monitoring program delivery and learning from data. D.M.I. has excellent systems for both. D.M.I. expertly uses data to track the implementation of its campaigns. When considering changes to its model, D.M.I. rigorously researches and tests options before making a decision.

Read the findings and executive summary (PDF, 12 pages)

Read the full report (PDF, 60 pages)

Download the supporting appendix (Excel spreadsheet)