ImpactMatters, a 501(c)3, conducts “impact audits” of nonprofits to rigorously estimate their philanthropic impact, compelling them and their funders to make evidence-based decisions.

Benefits of Impact Auditing

Benefits for Nonprofits

Tailored, expert advice

Get advice from leading experts on how to use and produce evidence.

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Credible impact assessment

Attract attention from funders with an unbiased report on your impact.

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Benefits for Donors

Fund what works

Fund nonprofits backed by evidence that they are achieving their mission.

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Vet nonprofits for less

Get expert guidance on potential grantees at affordable rates.

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The Impact Audit

Providing donors the analysis needed to make smart, informed funding decisions.

Standard for Analyzing Impact

Our impact audit standard answers key questions a smart funder asks before supporting a nonprofit.

Impact and Cost
Impact÷Cost=Benefit/Cost Ratio

How much impact does your dollar buy? We report the best available estimates of average cost and impact on outcomes, giving the donor perspective on what a donation to the organization could achieve.

Quality of Evidence
Estimates are based on data collected internally and evidence from elsewhere

Quality of Impact Evidence captures how confident we are that the nonprofit’s program is leading to impact on its primary outcomes. Nonprofits with high-quality evidence of impact are delivering an intervention that has been shown to work.

What about financial metrics, such as a nonprofit's overhead ratio? Read why these are misleading  

Innovations for Poverty Action
The Life You Can Save

Get an expert opinion on a nonprofit you care about.

We work with nonprofits and donors to conduct impact audits.