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Guided Impact Reporting

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ImpactMatters connects smart givers to high impact nonprofits, helping both do more good.

Here's how it works. Nonprofits go through a free, guided process to quantify their impact, called Guided Impact Reporting. Nonprofits can choose to share their impact report in the ImpactMatters marketplace. Here, donors can search and filter to find nonprofits that exactly match their interests — and then get an instant snapshot of what their dollars can change. With a click, they can give with confidence.

For funders, ImpactMatters calculates the total impact of grant portfolios and enables performance benchmarking against others. Funders who need greater certainty can purchase impact audits, short-term engagements to rigorously estimate impact and analyze confidence in in the estimate.



Guided Impact Reporting

Guided Impact Reporting, a free app launching in November 2018, invites nonprofits to report data on philanthropic outcomes. The key word is “guided.” Nonprofits submit outcomes data in a highly structured format that follows closely the methodology of impact audits. In turn, the tool produces a measure of the impact of the nonprofit's program.

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Calculate impact with existing data

Guided Impact Reporting is simple. The tool asks a structured set of questions to capture data readily at hand. With only modest effort, the user comes away with a measure of impact: the gap between the actual outcomes of participants and their counterfactual outcomes.



Lots of support

We aim to make high quality impact reporting accessible for all nonprofits. The key is support — and lots of it. ImpactMatters offers:

  • Free chat support for all users
  • Pairing with volunteers who prepare reports
  • Workshops
  • Affordable support packages
  • Complete service, in the form of impact audits
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Featuring success

Nonprofits work each day to make the lives of people around the world better. Impact reporting is a way to showcase that work — to demonstrate to donors what can be achieved together. 

ImpactMatters is launching a marketplace with a simple principle: Nonprofits that do good work should be easy to spot.


Join the waiting list

We are working with nonprofits over the coming months to gather feedback and refine Guided Impact Reporting. If you are interested in quantifying the impact of your program, please sign up below and we'll be in touch shortly.