A Yale Economist Wants to Make You a Better Philanthropist

Dean Karlan   •   Wall Street Journal
Compare your last phone purchase with your last charitable donation. I bet you knew lots about the phone—its weight, screen resolution, battery life—but little about what the charity accomplished with your money.
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The Chronicle of Philanthropy

Yale Scholar Releases First Four ‘Impact Audits’ in New Bid to Identify What Works

Marc Gunther   •   Chronicle of Philanthropy
A Yale economics professor who helped change the way governments and nonprofits evaluate antipoverty programs today started a new venture to conduct "impact audits" of charities.
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Can Charity Raters Achieve Both Rigor and Scale?

Catherine Cheney   •   Devex
With increasing attention to effective altruism, a movement to ensure philanthropic donations achieve as much impact as possible, there is also growing demand for information to guide those donations. That is where charity raters come in.
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Impact Auditing for Smarter Giving

Dean Karlan   •   GuideStar
Many philanthropists struggle with a straightforward question: are their dollars having an impact on the cause they care about? Several initiatives have tried to answer this question. But these initiatives have been either too reliant on financial data...
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Promoting Effective Charitable Giving: A Q&A with Yale Economist Dean Karlan

Mike Cummings   •   YaleNews
Anyone who has ever given to charity likely endured a flood of email solicitations over the holidays from nonprofits seeking support. Choosing a cause to support is just the first step in charitable giving, warn experts.
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