A market for impact

ImpactMatters connects smart givers to high impact nonprofits, helping both do more good. Donors want to give to nonprofits that share their values. And they need to gain confidence their dollars are put to good use. Our objective is to build trust where it is deserved, which we believe is often.

Impact Reports

To inform donors and build trust, we produce impact reports. An impact report is an analysis of the impact created by a nonprofit and the cost to achieve that impact (a “cost-effectiveness” estimate). For example: “$20 gives a Haitian access to clean water for at least one year.” An impact report tells donors what they need to know, but cannot easily find: if I donate to this nonprofit, how will it improve the lives of people I want to help?

If you are interested in learning more, take a look at our frequently asked questions.

What’s next?

We are building a new tool for sharing cost-effectiveness estimates with donors and providing the needed context to interpret those estimates. Sign up below for updates.