Amman Imman Water is Life

Impact Report on Amman Imman’s Water Security program

Program activities
Amman Imman (A.I.) builds boreholes in West Africa’s Sahel region, in communities facing severe water scarcity. Drilling at least 600 ft to reach a live aquifer, A.I. installs a pump, pipeline and water tower to deliver water to community fountains.



$30 provides a year of water access to an indigenous person.


Amman Imman collected data on outcomes of the population after the program. To estimate the change that was attributable to the program, Amman Imman made an educated guess as to how the population would have fared without the program.

Data source
Community-run borehole management committees collect water fees from borehole users and record the number of users. A.I. and the Ministry of Hydraulics of Niger corroborate the management committees' records by checking each borehole's water meter.

Attribution method
Based on data from the WHO/UNICEF, 1% of households in rural Mali and Niger gained access to improved drinking water each year from 2010-15. On that basis, A.I. estimates it gave 99% of its borehole users access to improved water (i.e., 100% - 1%).

This report was created by Amman Imman with self-reported data using ImpactMatters' impact reporting platform. This report covers March 2013 to March 2017.