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Amman Imman Water is Life

$30 provides a year of water access to an indigenous person.

Water Security Program

Amman Imman (A.I.) builds boreholes in West Africa’s Sahel region, in communities facing severe water scarcity. Drilling at least 600 ft to reach a live aquifer, A.I. installs a pump, pipeline and water tower to deliver water to community fountains.

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$40 increases the future earnings of an adolescent girl by $200.

Empowerment and Livelihoods for Adolescents

In girls-­only safe spaces, or Empowerment and Livelihoods for Adolescents (ELA) Clubs, girls receive trainings in life skills, confidence building, financial literacy, and specific livelihoods, and microloans for older girls to start businesses.

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Clean Water for Haiti

$20 gives a Haitian access to clean water for at least one year.

Filter Program

Clean Water for Haiti was established in 2001 and is the largest provider of biosand filters in Haiti. On average, 75% of filters are still in use 5 years after installation.

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Communities Rising

$40 increases an Indian primary school student's English reading ability by 30 percentage points.

The Literacy Project

Communities Rising's Literacy Project is a language arts program that teaches English to underserved primary school students in India with a focus on reading.

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Concern Worldwide

$200 avoids a month of hunger for a household of five living in extreme poverty.

Graduation Model Program

Concern’s Graduation Model Program sustainably addressed extreme poverty. The graduation approach provides an integrated package of support (social assistance, livelihood development, finance services) to support a pathway out of extreme poverty.

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$500 replaces a family's dirt floor with a sanitary floor.

Earthen Flooring

EarthEnable replaces dirt floors in Rwandan and Ugandan homes with earthen floors that are waterproof, made of natural materials, and 70% cheaper than concrete. It also hires and trains unemployed/underemployed community members in masonry and sales.

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Education for All Children

$6,000 pays for an impoverished Kenyan student to graduate from secondary school.

All Children’s Education to Employment Model

EFAC provides access to secondary and post­-secondary education for Kenya’s brightest young students with the fewest resources. Our program includes mentoring, community service, leadership training, and career readiness to ensure academic, personal and professional success upon graduation.

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Haiti Now

$70 enrolls a girl living in domestic servitude into primary school for a year.

Accelerated Education Program

Haiti Now runs a residential school for restavek girls facing multiple challenges, providing: accelerated education (6 years condensed into 3); textbooks; school supplies; healthcare; and mentorship, training and capital to run their own businesses.

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House of Ruth, Washington D.C.

$30,000 places a homeless family in permanent housing.

Homes for Families

House of Ruth provides supportive services to women and children at residential programs in D.C. All were homeless and nearly all are survivors of domestic violence. Staff provides trauma­-informed care and access to safe housing.

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Housing Hope

$10,000 places a homeless family in permanent housing.

Homeless Family Services Program

Housing Hope provides housing and supportive services for families experiencing homelessness or living in poverty. The goal is to stabilize families in crisis and empower them to permanently escape poverty.

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International Development Enterprises

$100 increases the earnings of a smallholder farming family in Zambia by $500.

Zambia’s Farm Business Advisor Program

Zambia's Farm Business Advisor (FBA) program improves livelihoods via a corps of FBA entrepreneurs who connect farmers with inputs, markets, credit, services, and advice. iDE links FBAs with business partners and trains FBAs on business practices.

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Integrate Health

$2,000 saves the life of a child under 5 years of age.

Integrate Health Model

Integrate Health (IH, formerly Hope Through Health) saves lives in the world’s most neglected communities of Northern Togo by integrating professional Community Health Workers (CHWs) with improved care in public sector health facilities.

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$4,000 increases the income of a Latin American woman from an underserved background by $10,000.


Through a rigorous selection process, we identify applicants who demonstrate need and potential. Selected applicants go through a 6-month bootcamp to learn front-end development and UX design, after which they are placed in jobs with tech companies.

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$60 increases the earnings of an unemployed young person or woman by $300.

LivelyHoods Program

LivelyHoods creates training and income generation opportunities for youth and women in Kenyan slums through the distribution of clean energy products in their communities.

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Midnight Golf Program

$7,000 leads to an additional student graduated from college.

Midnight Golf Program

The Midnight Golf Program (MGP) delivers year ­round life skills training, mentoring, professional golf instruction, and exposure that help youth navigate from post­-secondary education to career success and beyond.

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Noora Health

$30 avoids hospital readmission for a mother or her newborn in the first two weeks after discharge.

Care Companion Program

The neonatal and maternal health Care Companion Program (CCP) in India trains health professionals to impart critical post‑natal care practices to families of patients to help patients recover, avoid major complications and stay healthy long‑term.

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$200 increases development outcomes for an at-risk child by 0.2 standard deviations.

Village Model in Rural China

The program is targeted at children in disintegrating villages in rural China struggling after their parents emigrate to seek work elsewhere. It includes preschool teacher training, refurbishing preschools, caregiver training and community events.

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Per Scholas

$8,000 increases the earnings of a low­-income adult by $13,000.

Work Advance Program

Per Scholas provides free, high­-quality job training and support services to talented young people. Per Scholas then partners with large IT employers to place graduates in jobs.

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Population Media Center

$6 treats a child for diarrhea.

Burundi Agashi 1.0

Agashi! (“Hey, Look Again!”) was a radio serial drama broadcast across Burundi. Using Population Media Center (PMC) entertainment-education approach, the program addressed family planning, reproductive health and child health/nutrition.

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$6,000 saves the life of a child under 2.

Community Health Worker Intervention

Community Health Workers (CHWs) deliver community-based care facilitated by mobile technology. CHWs manage reproductive, maternal and child health, promote self-efficacy and social support, and make timely referrals for major causes of morbidity.

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