House of Ruth, Washington D.C.

Impact Report on House of Ruth’s Homes for Families

Program activities
House of Ruth provides supportive services to women and children at residential programs in D.C. All were homeless and nearly all are survivors of domestic violence. Staff provides trauma­-informed care and access to safe housing.



$30,000 places a homeless family in permanent housing.


House of Ruth collected data on outcomes of participants after the program. To estimate the change attributable to the program, House of Ruth made an educated guess as to how participants would have fared without the program.

Data source
House of Ruth tracks the destination of families who exit the program. Statistics on the number of families served and the number who exited to permanent housing in 2017­-18 comes from administrative data.

Attribution method
From 2017­-2018, the number of homeless families in D.C. dropped 21%. House of Ruth assumes, based on this data, that at least 79% of families they serve would not have found permanent housing without their services.

This report was created by House of Ruth with self­-reported data using ImpactMatters' impact reporting platform. This report covers July 2017 to June 2018.

Elijah Goldberg