Housing Hope

Impact Report on Housing Hope’s Homeless Family Services Program

Program activities
Housing Hope provides housing and supportive services for families experiencing homelessness or living in poverty. The goal is to stabilize families in crisis and empower them to permanently escape poverty.



$10,000 places a homeless family in permanent housing.


Housing Hope collected data on participants after the program. To estimate the change attributable to the program, Housing Hope made an educated guess as to how participants would have fared without the program.

Data source
Each family completes an exit assessment that includes their exit destination. Housing Hope categorizes these exits into "permanent" (i.e. Rental with Subsidy) or "temporary" (i.e. "Shelter) and tracks this data for all family served.

Attribution method
Using data from WA State Dept. of Commerce, we estimate the Snohomish homeless population fell by 112 annually over 2006–17, or 10.5% of the 2017 homeless population. We assume 10.5% of families served would have found housing without Housing Hope.

This report was created by Housing Hope with self­-reported data using ImpactMatters' impact reporting platform. This report covers July 2017 to June 2018.

Elijah Goldberg