Soccer Without Borders

Impact Report on Soccer Without Borders’s Oakland Program

Program activities
Soccer Without Borders (SWB) runs year­-round youth development programs in Oakland, CA. Using soccer, academic support, and team building activities, SWB helps newcomer refugee and immigrant youth achieve growth, inclusion, and personal success.



$8,000 leads to an additional newcomer refugee/immigrant student graduating from high school.


SWB collected data on outcomes of participants after the program. To estimate the change attributable to the program, SWB made an educated guess as to how participants would have fared without the program.

Data source
SWB tracks participant information throughout the year. This includes graduation rates for high school seniors, as well as percentage of graduates who enroll in 2 or 4 year colleges.

Attribution method
According to the National Center for Education Statistics, English Language Learners in California graduate from high school at a rate of 72%. This indicates that SWB Oakland participants graduate at a much higher rate than their peers.

This report was created by Soccer Without Borders with self­-reported data using ImpactMatters' impact reporting platform. This report covers October 2015 to June 2018.

Elijah Goldberg