The Financial Clinic

Impact Report on The Financial Clinic’s Financial Coaching Program

Program activities
Financial coaching is financial education and support that involves regular one-on-one sessions in which clients and coaches set goals and plan concrete steps to meet and manage those goals over time in an attempt to change client behavior.



$200 increases the bank account savings of a lower-income adult by $1,000.


Financial Coaching conducted a randomized control trial to estimate impact.

Data source
Data are drawn from individual-level credit reporting firm records and baseline and follow-up surveys.

Attribution method
Eligible individuals were randomly assigned to treatment and control groups. Treatment subjects were given access to financial coaching sessions. Control subjects did not receive coaching during the study period, but could access coaching after it.

This report was created by The Financial Clinic with self-reported data using ImpactMatters' impact reporting platform.This report covers January 2013 to July 2014.

Elijah Goldberg