Village Improvement Project

Impact Report on Village Improvement Project’s Solar Lantern Program

Program activities
The Solar Lantern Program is intended to ‘light the night’ and illuminate rural village homes in Liberia with zero­-cost bright portable lights that run for 8 hours a night and can charge mobile phones. Each village home or family receives a lantern.



$50 provides access to improved light for a household.


The Village Improvement Project collected data on outcomes of participants before and after the program. To estimate the change attributable to the program, THe Village Improvement Project made an educated guess as to how participants would have fared without the program.

Data source
Field workers traveled to each village and conducted house-­to-­house data collection asking: “Is the lantern useful to you? Why or why not?” They count recipients who said the lantern was useful as having access to improved light.

Attribution method
About 1% of Liberians living in rural areas have access to electricity and solar lamp sellers have low market penetration. No families in the village had solar lamps prior. Households likely would not have gained improved light without the program.

This report was created by the Village Improvement Project with self-­reported data using ImpactMatters' impact reporting platform. This report covers January 2017 to December 2017.

Elijah Goldberg