Portfolio Impact Analysis

Quantitatively analyzing the impact of a grant portfolio can be tedious and expensive. ImpactMatters provides a simple solution. Using Guided Impact Reporting, nonprofits calculate the impact of their programs on chosen outcomes. Funders can use these estimates to estimate the effectiveness of each grant – and benchmark their performance against top programs from around the world.

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Quantify impact, simply

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Intelligent Benchmarking

Analyze grant performance with a set of tools for constructing accurate benchmarks. Look across geography, intervention type, participants and other factors — or let the platform identify a group of similar programs.

Fine tune your analysis by comparing against top performers, sector averages and estimates from well-conducted studies.



Analysis where you need it

Quickly move analysis to where it's needed. All data is available through an API, which allows automatic syncing with grant reporting software and other services.

Data comes in the form you need. Download grant impact calculations, portfolio assessments and other analysis in PDF and excel. Send links to calculations or embed calculations on your website.

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Low burden, all around

Impact data is essential — but it must not interfere with the work of generating that impact.

Calculating impact accurately is radically easier through this platform. Nonprofits are guided through tailored set of steps. Algorithms automatically pull in research literature and supplement the nonprofit's data. Complex calculations are handled by the platform — but the assumptions and analysis are transparent in every report.

Funders start by uploading a list of grant amounts and supported programs. From there, the platform does the rest.


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