How it Works

Impact Audits: A rating tool that helps nonprofits improve and guides donors toward what matters most: impact.

During an impact audit, we work with nonprofits to:

ImpactMatters works with you and your funders to launch a new impact audit.


Our analysts examine your operations and the evidence behind your programs.


We publish a report, with your permission, for donors to understand your impact.


We deliver a set of recommendations about how to improve your operations and model.

Impact Audit Funding

Nonprofits and funders purchase audits for:

Nonprofit funded


Nonprofits hire ImpactMatters for advice and a rigorous independent validation of the evidence of impact behind the nonprofit's programming.
Donor funded

In-kind support

Donors fund impact audits for nonprofits in their portfolio, to provide assistance with fundraising and advice on improving operations.
Donor funded


Donors use impact audits as a tool for screening nonprofits for funding. Impact audits are a scaleable, cost-efficient alternative to in-house vetting.

Benefits of Impact Auditing

A credible rating for nonprofits

Nonprofits struggle to convince funders of their value. Funders struggle to differentiate between nonprofits. Impact audits solve both problems, creating a credible signal for nonprofits and their funders.

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Impact evaluation as a public good

Funders spend millions on research that largely goes unpublished. Funders can use their evaluation budget to support a public good through impact auditing.

Transparency Commitment

Expert guidance on how to use evidence

Our analysts work every day to understand how nonprofits can improve their use of evidence. We work closely with nonprofits to understand and improve their model and systems.

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We work with nonprofits and donors to conduct impact audits.