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Frequently Asked Questions

ImpactMatters is a new nonprofit rating agency that helps donors find high-impact nonprofits. For more information, see our general FAQ.

We give each nonprofit the opportunity to review our rating prior to publication whenever possible. Nonprofits can correct our numbers, add a public comment and leave general feedback. We do our best to find a contact at the nonprofit to share the rating with, although we do not always succeed. If you would like to review your rating, contact us.

To increase accuracy and comparability, and maximize efficiency, we rate one type of intervention (soup kitchen, etc.) at a time. As a result, we cannot rate individual nonprofits. However, if you are interested, send us a message - if we get interest from enough similar groups, we will prioritize the program type.

We apply a simple test: Does the nonprofit spend at least 65 percent of its total costs on programs? If a rated nonprofit passes this and other basic tests for financial health, it earns at least 2 stars and can be considered for more stars based on impact transparency and cost-effectiveness.

You may appeal your rating or share additional information with us. We do not give the option to opt out of a public rating. However, if our analysts conclude we are misrepresenting your impact, we will withhold the rating.

Yes. Today, there are few incentives for nonprofits to publicly share high quality impact data. Our ratings meet nonprofits where they are. In the future, we will be enhancing our ratings to better capture and communicate nonprofits' impact.