Guided Impact Reporting


Coming in November 2018, ImpactMatters' Guided Impact Reporting is a free web app for nonprofits to correctly calculate their philanthropic impact. 

Nonprofits walk through a series of structured steps in order to add data about their participants. Then, using that data and data from the research literature, the app calculates the cost-effectiveness of the program.

With those estimates in hand, the program is added to ImpactMatters' impact marketplace and shared with partners.

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Win donors with your data

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Beta Testing

ImpactMatters is working with a group of nonprofits to collect feedback on Guided Impact Reporting. If you are interested in participating, we encourage you to join the waiting list below. We will be in touch shortly.


Frequently Asked Questions


Is there a cost to create an impact report?

Guided Impact Reporting is completely free.

We understand that taking staff time imposes a burden on nonprofits. The platform is designed to minimize that burden as much as possible.

What data is required to report?

Guided Impact Reporting generates a list of required information based on answers to a few initial questions. Here is a generic list:

  • Some information about the program and its participants
  • Average outcomes or interim benchmarks (e.g. high school graduation) for participants.

  • Data on what would have happened to participants without your program. You can still complete a report without this data.

  • Program costs and information on any participant or partner costs

  • Information on possible side effects — positive or negative — of the program on participants and third parties

  • A couple of brief stories of participants’ experience with your program

Does Guided Impact Reporting support advocacy, systems change or research programs?

No, at this time. These types of programs pose particular challenges in estimating impact. [That does not mean they don't have impact, just that it is difficult to measure]. The platform is designed for service delivery programs.

What support is available?

  • Free chat support for all users
  • Paring with volunteer preparers, who create impact reports on behalf of nonprofits
  • Workshops and other educational opportunities
  • Affordable support packages
  • Complete service, in the form of impact audits

How can I learn more?

    Get in touch with us at